Poslovno udruženje industrije plastičnih masa
Plastic Industry Bussiness  Association
  11000 Beograd
Svetog Save 1 (hotel Slavija)
: (+381 11) 244-6144
E-mail: juplas@eunet.rs

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JUPLAS today
    JUPLAS was founded in 1964 as the plastic industry business association, industry which, in those days, was beginning its intensive development. Visionaries of that time were aware of uncontrolled development consequences, so they looked for the solution of that problem in associating, by foundation of business association, under the name JUPLAS. Formed with the basic task to coordinate production and development plans of its members, in order to be escaped doubling of capacities, and, to promote plastic application as new material, JUPLAS, during years, has widened its activities in accordance with members necessities and with the development of this industry. Representing its members interests, basic and converting sector, JUPLAS, for a long, was a carrier of work in making of long period development plans of Yugoslav plastic industry.  


  2. IPLAS - Kopar
  3. BUKULJA - Beograd
  4. EMANIT - Novi Sad
  5. STANDARD - Sarajevo
  6. POLIGALANT - Volčja Draga
  7. MLAVAPLASTIKA - Petrovac na Mlavi
  8. ANALIT - Osijek
  9. GUMOPLASTIKA - Bujanovac
  11. MEPOL - Vrbas
  12. 30. JULI - Kumanovo


By its analysis in the field of economy, marketing, and prices, as well as by presenting new capacities in the country, JUPLAS enabled important data for making of development plans, not only for processing sector, but also for raw material production and machine production.
Beside the aim in foreign currency provision for raw materials and equipment supply, as well as for maximum use of built converting capacities, export of plastic products became one of the most important tasks of JUPLAS. Common export business of members during eighties to many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, as well as joint venture company forming in USSR, were the main JUPLAS's engagements in that period.
Political and economic changes in East European countries, as well as disintegration of former Yugoslavia, influenced importantly on JUPLAS activities reduction, but not on the change of its work style. JUPLAS has proceeded to work for it's members necessities everything what was in their interest and what contributed to their higher profits.

    Created according to the model of Western market economy, with voluntary membership, JUPLAS is non profit organization and the majority of its expenses are covered by monthly subscription of members.  
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