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    Symposium PLASTPROGRES is organized every year in spring time (February-March) with essential goal to present innovations in the fields of processing, innovative technologies, raw materials, additives and auxiliary equipment. It is organized in cooperation with foreign companies. Our main aim is that our experts and businessmen get as more as possible information about technological innovations which they would apply during the transition process in our country. In order to improve the quality and generally level of this Symposium we invite also certain number of independent experts.

The complete text of Invitation letter could be found here.

Lectures which were kept on five former Symposia:

February, 2005
Franja Kenig, HIPOL: Improvement of slurry process with use of highly active catalists, new generation of PP; Dusanka Talic, RAIFFEISEN LEASING: Financial leasing; Zoran Tadic, Karlsten Stuchels, KRAUSS MAFFEI: Revolutionary concept of multilayer injection moulded containers for packagings of dairies; Ultra speed cycles in PET preforms production, new concepts; Peter Niedersus, Albin Mariacher, BOREALIS: New development of PP blown film; New developments in the application of PE blown film; Loris Brizzi, BEKUM: Technology of multilayer blow moulded containers; Marta Ambrusova, Janos Bota, TVK and SLOVNAFT: PP TATREN from MOL Group sector of PETROCHEM; New bimodal HDPE grades from TVK with advanced performances, produced by MITSUI process; Marko Maganja, TICONA: TICONA’S products for small appliances; Jano Pallay, POLYONE BELGIUM: Termoplastic elastomeres, TPE – Features, processing by injection moulding (multicomponent included), substitution of PVC and application in different market segments; Alexander Bruckmuller, SML: Lines for coextruded cast film – stretch film for packaging; Christoph Frankiewicz, MOTAN: Automatization in material handling – drying, transport, mixing; Uwe Lieber, SOLVAYSOLVIN: With SOLVIN in better future; Christoph Lhota, ENGEL AUSTRIA: ENGEL COMBIMELT – Technology of multicomponent injection moulding and innovative trends for future; Thomas Schmitt, REIFENHAUSER: New developments cn film extrusion; Janusz Bielas, KAMPF (JAGENBERG-GRUPPE): Machines for trimming, calanders for plastic film; Dusan Radovic, HAITIAN: New models of machines and auxiliary equipment for injection moulding of plastics; Mladen Šercer, FACULTY OF MECHANICS AND SHIPBUILDING: Development directions for injection moulding machines for termoplastics – comparative advantages of hydraulic, hybride and all electric machines.

February, 2006
Harold Stockmann, SOLVAY-SOLVIN: PVC, the only one material well experienced and sutable for the future ....less dependent on oil; Brian Alexander, SOLVAY-SOLVAY ADVANCED POLYMERS: Hi- Tec engineering polymers; Max Wachholder, BOREALIS POLYMERS: Polypropylene stretch blow moulding - PP which substitute PET; New PE and PP materials for injection moulding; Herbert Kaindl: ENGEL: Tiebarless machines, concept for your profit; Thorsten Ub MOTAN: Modern control concept in machine material suply systems; Zoran Tadic, KRAUSS MAFFEI: Packagings and technical partsthe newest achievements on KRAUSS MAFFEI injection moulding machines; Mathias Daniel, CINCINNATI EXTRUSION: Extrusion of pipes, profiles and fibers, our profitable production lines; Marko Maganja, TICONA: CELANEX XFR - Family of new PBT products from Ticona; Neumann Dirk, PROCESS CONTROL: PROCESS CONTROL in plastics processing industry; Olaf Ahlert, SVTGmbh: Machines for the production of different types of multiple closable Ziper bags; Machines for the production of cross seal and product cutting in four variants; Jenc Leho, ARBURG: Powder injection moulding; HOSOKAWA-ALPINE: The newest solutions in extrusion lown film production.

March, 2007
Dragan Obrenović, IFC - International Finance Corporation: Short presentation of basic projects of IFC in Serbia; Groga Čenčić, HIPOL: HIPOL-acquisition by ORKA Group, plans and prospects of further development; Dario Kovacevic, BOREALIS POLYMERS NV: Optimisation of Flexible Packaging Solutions; Hans Georg Davknes, New Borstar and Borecene Materials; Herbert Kaindl, ENGEL AUSTRIA: Pole Position in Packaging; Detlev Schmidt, MOTAN: Material handling systems for the plastics processing industry; Introduction of PET material handling systems for preform manufacturing; Marko Maganja, TICONA AUSTRIA: Products of TICONA for intelligent Transport Systems and CELASTRAN Thermoplastic Composites; Claudine Bloyaert, SOLVAY SOLVIN: PVC and Natural Fibers: a Successful Marriage; Philippe Brasseur, SOLVAY ADVANCED POLYMERS: More plastics with more performance; Fraser Bruce, FARREL LIMITED: Continuous mixer systems; Kristina Radovic, Pe|a Sandic, KRAUSS MAFFEI Kunststofftechnik: Injection moulding machines and robots for the application in car industry and packaging industry.

March, 2008
Marco Solinas, UNILOY MILACRON – Blow molding technologies for hollow articles in automotive industry; Jens Albrecht, UNILOY MILACRON - Innovation for Efficiency: Advanced Blow-Molding Technologies for the Packaging Industry; Carlos Demnati, BEKUM MASCHINEN FABRIKEN – New development trends in extrusion blow moulding for the food industry; Nevenka Maric, DIOKI – OKITEN® and DINALEN® intended for thin, printed, shrink film; Josipa Utikovic, DIOKI - Expandable polystyrene OKIROL E/EF; Herwig Nowag, FERROMATIK MILACRON – Injection Moulding Special Applications; Gordana Pehnes Pavlovic CROATION ASSOCIATION FOR PLASTICS AND RUBBER – Production and processing of polymers in Republic of Croatia; Nebojsa Đurasovic, HIP-PETROHEMIJA – Modernization of HIP PETROHEMIJA HDPE Plant – Status of the Project 2008; Marija Popov, Ljiljana Pop-Manic i Ivana Pavlovic, HIP-Petrohemija and its significance in Petrochemical Industry of South East Europe; Dragan Obrenovic, IFC-International Finance Corporation - Recycling Linkages Program; Marko Fernandez, SIEPA - Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Policy.
Note: The announcements of Croatian authors have not been presented.

March, 2009
Vekoslav Šošević, SERBIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE – Current status in Serbian chemical industry with review on plastics industry; Riccardo Fabiani, PLASTICS EUROPE – Plastic food packaging regulation in Europe: current status and new exposure approach; Plastic waste management in Europe: today situation and perspectives; Mario Maggiani , ASSOCOMAPLAST – The latest technical innovations in Italy; Plastic packaging recycle; Nevenka Maric, DIOKI – OKITEN® and DINALEN® intended for thin (≤ 0,060 mm), printed, shrink film; Nada Dojčinovski, ULB Company – ULB Company – Manufacture of PVC sheets; Dragan Škobalj, VUJIĆ – Window profiles from hard PVC and its influence on environmental protection; Miloš Đokić, Rade Joksimović INMOLD, Hans Wenzel, STORK Holand – IML systems for production of thin packaging items for food and chemical industries; Marko Fernandez, SIEPA – How to increase export and foreign investments in Serbia? Significance and role of SIEPA

March, 2010
Vekoslav Šošević, SERBIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE –Current status in Serbian chemical industry with review on plastics industry; Giuseppe Riva, Roberto Saettone, PLASTICSEUROPE –An update of the impact of the crisis on plastic industry; Marija Popov, HIP PETROHEMIJA - World crisis-what happened with polymers in Serbia?; Alberto Colnago, ASSOCOMAPLAST - Technical update of the Italian plastics converting machinery; Alessandro Robotti, BAUSANO & FIGLI -High performance twin-screw extruders ( New extruders; improving degassing system; multidrive transmission system; barrell cooling etc.); Davide Chiavinato, GREEN BOX - Free cooling equipment (Evolution of the cooling systems in the perspective of energy saving; case histories); Vlado Merzel, DIOKI D.D. - Production of Polystyrene in DIOKI Company; Josipa Kosić-Vukšić DIOKI – Expandable Polystyrene OKIROL E/EF; Šandor Varga – SZEPLAST - PVC compound with the Szeplast; Rade Joksimović, INMOLD - Mold reparation using different welding techniques, primary laser welding; Mirjana Saveski, PRIMEX, WITTMANN BATTENFELD – Review of production programme.

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